Sunday, March 19, 2017

Geek Squad via the phone is available 24/7, so this morning I sat down with my long list of computer questions and called. After an hour the woman still (!) had not figured out how to turn off the touch-pad option, or find the "my computer" option so I could talk to it about the CD reader. At that point I gave up on her, and drove up to Best Buy. In just a matter of a few minutes Chelsea showed me how to disable the touch pad and access the E drive. 

I wish I could say the next few hours went as smoothly (though she did help me figure several things out) but she never could break into my blog for me. When the battery died (I hadn't brought the power cord) I came home for lunch, and then went back in the afternoon. Unfortunately I am still having issues with the e-mail on it, so between that and no blog I'm considerably discouraged.  Plus it does not bode well for a day of flying if my battery only lasts 3 hours... and I wasn't even doing something draining, like watching a movie! 

Mr. Mallard was swimming in the pool when I got home, and once Tyga discovered that he was quite interested - though of course not interested enough to go swimming; he really hates getting water in his ears! The other day I was washing the rims on my car with some stuff I'd gotten at Target; the car wash never works on that brake dust but this stuff did great! I had Tyga out there in the car to 'supervise', in the nice shade and with all the windows rolled down, and not only didn't he even stick his head out the window, but when I finished and opened the door I had to really, really, really coax him out.  My guess is that he had heard the hose, and was worried he was in for a bath - which he hates.  (That only happens out of necessity, when he rolls in Pokey poop or sneaks over into the horse pasture and rolls in horse hockey over there.

No sign of Mrs. Mallard yet, though Mr. stuck around and relaxed in the grass after his swim.  The pair seem to show up each spring, and sometimes appear daily for a week or so - but we've never had them actually raise ducklings here.  That would be fun!

Between my early rising this morning and frustration over the computer I decided to spend the last few hours of the afternoon relaxing, so I watched a taped movie, Woman of the Year with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. I definitely got quite a chuckle over the final scene, where she attempts to cook. (Compared to her, I might be considered on a par with Julia Child...)

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