Friday, March 31, 2017

It wasn't snowing when I got up this morning, but soon started coming down steadily for much of the morning. We have decided against grilling outside on the patio tonight.  <lol> I think the new plan is spaghetti.

After breakfast I arranged my 48 blocks in 8 rows of 6, and it didn't take as long as I had expected to find the grouping that I was happy with. Once the first 2 rows were sewn together (and looking fine) it was time for a shower break.

Wanda and I went to lunch at Brandy's, and definitely took a very circuitous route, driving back and forth on Cedar looking for it. Eventually I stopped in at a business to ask where it was (the address numbering system left a little to be desired!) so we finally found it.  It was snowing heavily (but at least not sticking to the roads) and we both were quite chilled when we got there. Some delicious hot hearty soup (artichoke Parmesan) helped considerably. My sandwich was also yummy, but since I could only eat half of it I've got lunch "made" for tomorrow.

Then we shopped at Odegaard's, the quilt store that owns the house where we are having our retreat. Somehow I was able to restrict myself to one adorable bird panel (reminds me of the Tweets) and a scrap quilt book by Bonnie Hunter.  Then it was back to the house where I got my first four rows sewed together. I'm a little disappointed at the puckers - but hope they will 'quilt out'.

The snow had stopped for a while (and when the sun came out for a bit much of it melted) but is again coming down fast and furious so it's a very good thing we won't be grilling on the patio tonight.

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