Friday, March 3, 2017

Heads bent to the task, you need not ask 
If these ladies love to quilt. 
Their talented touch, expresses as much 
As piece onto piece it is built.

I had no difficulty yesterday posting the vertical shots from the National Park display, so this morning I tried the "leftovers" from Saturday's show; happily (!) today I am able to post the rest of those pix. Naturally I have NO idea what the problem was with the computer (except, of course exactly that: it's a computer!) But of course I'm beyond thrilled that it just seemed to fix itself.  Happy Days!

For the finale, here's Geri's patchwork quilt.  She guesstimates that it only took her about 700 hours (like everyone else she has lots of projects going at the same time.)

All of the handwork would likely take me about 700 zillion hours...

Here it is, only 7:00, and now I'm ready to work on the wedding quilt borders! My original thought, this ribbon effect border, is out of contention, but I'm pretty sure that Sharon's idea from yesterday will work great.  

Once I see Ed & Emily in May and deliver the finished quilt to them, OF COURSE I'll share pictures of it!  You just need to be patient.

Remember: as much as any of you want to see it, I want to "show it off" more!

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