Friday, March 3, 2017

At the gym this morning I used the wussy-weights (2.5 lbs) for my warm-ups, and had no problems.  We decided I could try to do upper body today, though we did skip one (that might have caused an issue if I did it wrong) and also lowered the weights on the rest of them.  I'm happy to report that it went well.  At least I keep showing up (I see how often he gets messages from clients cancelling) and so got Brownie Points for working out despite the sorry state of my body.

On the way home I stopped at the new house up the street, and did catch Mike and Marcy there as they were getting ready to leave.  The block wall is finished (it sure went up fast!), the painters were there again today, and the kitchen/bathroom counters look great.  Though there's still a lot to be done they're planning/hoping to move in the beginning of May.  Unfortunately for us, landscaping is not on their agenda right away, so it looks like we'll be stuck doing the irrigation valves on 35th Ave. for the indefinite future.

Hoogie did touch base with them about the horse stalls, but (like everyone else that wanted them) when he went up there to check them out said he has no way to get them out.  Apparently whoever installed them wanted them to survive a nuclear blast.  When I asked where Latina (their chihuahua) was, Marcy said she left her at home because she has trouble holding her with her 4 broken ribs!  But before I could find out what happened, Patti called me back.

I got the 4th inner border done before I headed over to keep Patti company this afternoon. With Gary leaving on Sunday she's decided to take me up on my offer to sleep over while he's gone for the week.  Don't know how much "partying" we'll be doing <g> but she said she'd be more comfortable knowing someone is there to help during the night.

While I was over there Alex called from Snowbowl - 
to tell me that he dislocated his knee around lunchtime.

  He's been on ice all afternoon and currently is on the bus headed back.  

I assume we'll get more details over dinner later.  He's supposed to head to work on Tuesday, but we're wondering if he's going to be able to go with this injury.  His job is quite physical, with all the setting up/tearing down, lugging heavy flats of RockStar, etc.

Patti is feeling all out of whack (she's had neck issues for years) and since I was already going to the chiropractor on Monday she wondered if they could fit her in.  So I called, and luckily they were able to shuffle me to a later slot with another one for her after it.  Since I won't get any sewing done on Sunday or Monday I'm going to dedicate Saturday to sewing.  And since we're going to wait for Alex's arrival to do dinner (though don't think we'll be going out tonight after all for all-you-can-eat fish) I think I'll go see what I can get done in the meantime.

 and finished quilts!

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