Thursday, March 9, 2017

I've been staying at Patti's this week, helping out while Gary is out of town.  We've been watching movies and generally marking time until today's doctor visit.  Though today marks 2 weeks since her fall, we got discouraging news from the surgeon today: Patti's skin has not healed enough for him to do the surgery.  She goes back again on March 21, when we all hope to hear a different story!  Here's what it looked like today, on the side where they will go in, when they took off the cast. 

The other side of her ankle doesn't look quite so bad:

At least the new cast is once again snug around her foot, at least until more of the swelling goes down, which keeps her foot more stable.  Less rattling around in there translates into less pain... though of course "less" is a relative term!

Yesterday I showed the wedding quilt at Foothills, and everyone loved it.  Then I was able to hand it (and the backing, which gave me fits Tuesday afternoon) over to Irene.  She should have it back to me in early April, giving me plenty of time to get the binding on.

I have 3 more deadlines crowding me: finish Marilyn's birthday gift (hopefully on Sunday so I can get in the mail Monday), make/attach the sleeve for the dachshund quilt (need to get that turned in for the show in another week), and finish up Sandy's gift so I can get that in the mail soon. 

Then I can think about getting organized for quilt camp coming up later this month!

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