Thursday, March 23, 2017

It was overcast all day yesterday, and by the time we went out do dinner (at Sweet Tomatoes) it had turned rather cool.  By the time we finished eating it had become quite windy, so yes, the pool that I had just finished getting sparkling clean over the past several days was a mess.  I did scoop three full bags of leaves from the top, but today it will definitely need a lot of attention later.

Gary called around 8:00 last night to let me know that they had just gotten home after Patti's surgery.  It took almost four hours, considerably longer than expected, because (as I'd feared) once in there the surgeon found "surprises", like all sorts of bone fragments to deal with.  I didn't get many details because Gary had a lot of phone calls to make, and wanted to get back to Patti, who was quite nauseated from the drugs.

I was working on this post on my laptop this morning when (for no apparent reason other than it's a computer) it flipped out, and as a result I can no longer access my blog there.  While it may be an easy fix for Zach to figure out, I am currently back on the dinosaur desktop.

Off to the doc this morning (for a routine physical) but other than that 
I have nothing pressing scheduled!

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