Saturday, March 4, 2017

This afternoon I got most of the border on the wedding quilt (yay!) before I headed over to Patti's.  Mostly I needed to get a house key so I can get in tomorrow morning when she wakes up to help her out of bed; Gary will most likely already be on the way to the airport by then.  I also made a run to the library for her (to drop off an overdue DVD and pick up another one that had come in for her.  On the way to the library I turned on NPR, as I always do when I'm driving, and came in on a story in progress (turns out about 4 minutes in), about a rattlesnake roundup.  

Ryan was talking about it being "a really bad idea", and citing phrases you really don't want to hear at an event like that: "oh @#$%", "back up, back up, back up!; and "yeah, that's how fast it can happen." Of course all of that makes sense any time you're talking about a rattlesnake roundup, and he was very entertaining, so I was sorry to arrive at the library and miss the rest of the story.  When I got home later I looked it up and listened to the entire thing from the beginning... which is when I found out that he's blind... which made his understatements even more of a hoot. 

You might want to empty your bladder before listening! 

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