Thursday, March 30, 2017

It was another productive day today; I got the rest of my 4-patches "disappeared", and tomorrow I will put them up on the design wall. With everyone's help I hope to arrange them so that the colors are evenly distributed.  After I sew the blocks together I'm looking forward to seeing the overall effect.

This afternoon I worked on a charity quilt, using some basketball, baseball, and football fabric. After Vicki contributed some black fabric of her mom's (for the in-between blocks) it went together quickly. Gena and I had made a quick trip to JoAnn's, where I found some inexpensive border fabric, so tomorrow I could actually finish that top. We also went to the bird store next door because she needed a bird-feeder for a gift - and I found some great gifts there.

Today I got this happy picture from Sandy. Yesterday was her birthday, and she definitely liked the Birdwatcher pillow I made for her. And apparently Pippa also likes it.

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