Saturday, March 4, 2017

I took my bathroom break "late" today, a little before 5:00 am - so I am up for the day.  At least I'll have plenty of time to work on the quilt!  By the time Alex arrived back from Flagstaff for dinner, around 7:30, I had cut 10 WOF strips for my resting border, sewed and pressed them, and was just rolling them up (wonder if anyone has a trick so that long strip doesn't get all twisted?)  I vacuumed the floor yesterday so I'm all ready to lay out the quilt and measure the middles (no buckles in MY quilt!) and get those 4 borders on as soon as I finish my coffee.

Alex hit a tree yesterday (with his thigh?) but his board got hung up in the snow (sideways?) which is how his knee got tweaked.  When he got up to check to see if anything was especially unhappy, he felt his knee pop back into place.  It was definitely swollen (and felt horribly spongy) but he can walk okay, so he at least is certain nothing is broken.  Since he has no primary physician (despite gentle reminders that it would be handy to have one...) he can't call anywhere and get an order for a CT scan to make sure ligaments/tendons, etc. are okay.  I'm not sure he really has many options under Monday, especially since he is less than thrilled that he will mostly likely incur all charges until whatever his deductible so he's not inclined to visit the ER.  Tom and I will "help" him make an executive decision when we see him today.

I enjoyed my tour of Sharon's house on Thursday.  Of course her quilting room is smaller than in their old house (any quilting room is smaller than that one was!) but it certainly is big enough for her to turn out all the wonderful projects she does - and display her ribbons!

Of course she has a number of her quilts displayed around the house, most of which I'd seen over the years, but not this fun wall-hanging that adorns her quilting room.

I also got a tour of the other "half" of the house, where her daughter, SIL, and 1 granddaughter live (though I wasn't allowed to see her granddaughter's bedroom because she wasn't sure my heart could handle the mess!)  I  especially enjoyed this sentiment:

Pokey has definitely been enjoying the lettuce that Gina dropped off Thursday afternoon. There was so much that I was worried some of the heads would spoil before she could plow through all of them - but the girl has a hearty appetite!

Time to go sew!  It's only 6:00, so I am getting a good start on the day!

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