Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It was a good tune up at the chiropractor yesterday, because I had minimal misalignment.  Partly that's because I've been trying to remember to walk on my foot correctly, and partly because my broken toe had stopped kvetching so much so it was becoming easier to walk naturally anyway. So it was a "bit" of a bummer this morning when I stubbed that toe while making the bed.  I was so vocal in my response that Tom actually came to see what had happened...


Dragged myself to the gym this morning (apparently I'm back to that feeling, after months of not minding) and had a reasonable workout.  Kept my phone with me because I was hoping to get a text from Patti about the results of this morning's appointment with the surgeon, but it's several hours into the afternoon and still no word.  My gut feeling is that in this case, "no news" is NOT good news...

Puttered around out front with the plants, and Tom helped me wind up all the trailing philodendron. With a little luck the "blobbies" along the stems will take root and I'll achieve the fuller look I'm going for.

Yesterday I found the fabric I needed (only had to look in a couple of places) and got the pillow made. Then Tom help me stuff the form into into the opening I had left, which is definitely a 2-person job. But before I hand-stitch it closed I need some advice on the best way to secure the feather.  My first SOS was to Colleen, forgetting that the kids are with their parents for Spring Break. So she is out and about having fun on her week off; today being a Shop Hop on the other side of The Valley. But luckily Wanda is currently on her way over to help and put in her 2 cents worth.

Now that Marilyn's birthday gift has been received, I can post a pic of her placemats.  Mom may recognize these?  The "pattern" makes 9 blocks, so Mom got the first 2 for Chanukah a while back and now Marilyn has gotten the next 4 for her birthday.  Someday <g> I will turn the remaining 3 into actual placemats for me!

In the meantime I've been putting away laundry, sweeping floors, and taking care of various other domestic chores. Never any shortage of those!

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