Saturday, March 25, 2017

Today was spent at the AQG show, so of course I had a wonderful day! It's always fun to see all the beautiful and creative quilts, as well as bump into lots of my quilting friends.  I have to admit it was gratifying to watch people come up to my quilt and see a smile come to their face, and also 'eavesdrop' on all the positive comments about it.

Everyone should be very proud of me - I didn't buy ANY fabric at the vendor booths.  I do admit to buying two patterns, but in my defense <g> one was a pattern I've been wanting but the quilt store was out, and the other is for a new (and in theory easier) way to make place mats.

I did attend the auction, though I only bid on a few (of the more than 100) quilts.  At least I know I have very good taste; those went for BIG bucks.

Of course I took lots of pix, but won't be posting them for a while.  Tomorrow I'm "moving" back over to Patti's until I leave for Quilt Camp on Wednesday.  Today she got out of bed for the first time since the surgery, but not for long.  Sadly she's still in quite a bit of pain despite the pain meds.

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