Sunday, March 5, 2017

It's another early morning today. I woke up around 5:30, which is a little surprising since I was wide-awake last night and read until after 11:00, when I decided to take something.  What was not quite as surprising is that I was wide awake that late, after downing a Rockstar (with its 240 mg of caffeine) earlier in the day. I didn't think it would impact my sleeping 'ability' since that was around so early int day, 10:00 am. - but obviously I was wrong. 

I don't usually quaff energy drinks (or even regular sodas) but wanted to taste the new flavor, Killer Black Cherry. It may not be available yet, but I know someone <g> and he was right, it does taste like Dr. Pepper.

Last night I did get the last borders onto the wedding quilt, so all that is left to do is make the backing.  

While I've got enough as far as length (though it's a good I bought the 'extra' yard at the time, which I almost didn't!) I am going to be shy a few inches in width.  

That means instead of one simple seam I'll be piecing a back, using some of the leftover fabrics from the front.  While that will take longer than one simple seam, the stress about being ready to hand everything over to Irene on Wednesday has dissipated.

Now that the month-long run of Oscar winners (and nominees) has ended, I'm back to watching "regular" movies on TCM.  I did get to see many classics for the first time (most recently Vertigo, and Treasure of the Sierra Madre), and plan to check for a similar line-up next year.  

Speaking of movies, Patti and I have a whole stack of DVDs to watch while I'm nursing there this week, but she is definitely going a bit stir-crazy from just lying around day after day.

Yesterday I got to change the dressings in her cast beneath the two cute little cutouts. One side is doing well, but the other side definitely is still draining quite a bit of blood.

Guess I'd better go take my shower and get dressed 
so whenever Patti needs me I'll be ready to head over there.

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