Thursday, March 16, 2017

I don't usually pay much attention to the March Madness basketball hoopla. However I did hear that my alma mater, Northwestern, made it this year - somewhat surprising, given a long history of poor athletic prowess. So it was even more surprising to find that they won their game today!

Our neighborhood on-line site has countless notices about lost or found cats and dogs. However today someone posted that a piglet (!) was spotted running loose.

Finished quilting the bird pillow today, but it turns out that I need a larger pillow form before I can move ahead. I also need to borrow Colleen's pillow template; somehow I left there today without it. Probably because I was blown away by the story she told me about her experience at the park yesterday. She had stopped at a neighborhood park with 4yo Harrison after she picked him up at pre-school; he's into riding his bike these days. For some reason they had the place to themselves, until a Suburban pulled up, dropped off a little boy, and drove off. He had no water (Collen gave him some) and no lunch (they shared the other half of Harrison's sandwich with him. At some point the boy stepped on some glass and was bleeding profusely. Colleen grabbed her first aid kit and did what she could, and also called 911. The boy, Michael, said he was 5 but could not provide any other information other than that his parents were going to lunch. WHO DROPS OFF A YOUNG CHILD AT THE PARK AND LEAVES? Long story short the paramedics took him to the hospital (where he got 20 stitches) and called CPS while the police waited for his parents to return. Which apparently didn't happen until 3:30!

After picking up some stuff at the pool store (for Creepy and the hot tub) I popped in to the adjacent  fish store. One terrarium had some colorful exotic frogs, but it turns out that these, bred here, are not venomous.  Apparently it's their diet in the wild, fire ants, that makes them toxic. So I learned something new today... though that probably <g> won't make up for all the things I forget.

Today was our 4th consecutive day in the 90s, and it's going to get warmer (record-setting 96 expected on Saturday) before it cools off, at least temporarily. 

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