Thursday, October 29, 2015

Yesterday afternoon and evening were spent at the State Fair (where it cost more to park than to get in.)  I enjoyed seeing the quilts while Tom looked at the minerals, which (quite helpfully) were housed in the same building.  He spent considerable time talking with Frank, and plans to attend the upcoming monthly meeting of the area's lapidarists Monday night.

Of course there was plenty of fair food, though Tom did not feel it necessary to try the deep fried watermelon, or this:

I did cave, and had the deep fried brownie.
It was okay, though not quite what I was expecting.

There were plenty of rides, of course, though we didn't take advantage of any of them. <g> They, however, were seemingly taking advantage of ticket buyers who can't do math.  The sign over the booths read like this:

10 tickets for $5
40 tickets for $20
100 tickets for $50
200 tickets for $100

Usually you get a price break when you buy in quantity - but obviously not at the state fair!

 G Force looked like quite the vomitorium, and there was also a bungee jumping 'ride'.  I texted Alex about that, and he said he'd gotten a video of Clay doing it.  Definitely NOT my thing!

Jackson Browne put on an excellent concert (though much too short, at 'only' 90 minutes...) and even Tom enjoyed it (he hadn't expected to.)

Singing with him at one point was Theresa Williams. 
I hadn't heard of her before.... but what a voice!

The good news is that my foot survived the fair, and still feels fine this morning.  I did use my cane, which took some of the pressure off my foot.  The bad news is that during the fair that elbow started to really hurt (from the pressure on it?) I iced it when we got home, but it still aches this morning, and like last night really hurts to bend it.  So has arthritis popped up in yet another spot in my body?  

Now I need to get dressed and head up to Anthem, where Cheri is going to help me make up the flowers.  She expects us to actually finish them today, so I hope my sore elbow doesn't interfere and impede my sewing !!!

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