Monday, October 26, 2015

Wanda came by this afternoon with my wonderful steering wheel cover.  In addition to keeping the steering wheel from getting too hot to handle next summer, just looking at the penguins should help keep me cool!

Wanda also showed me a copy of this magazine that the Houston show sent her.  Her exquisite Sedona quilt is one of the full page photos! (page 25)

And in today's mail I received a wonderful article from Marilyn about the Houston show and how it all started.  Pretty humble start for a show that is world famous, and so highly regarded.  The mail also brought an incredible thank you note from Tracy.  As amazing as the paper-pieced front (with a real spool of thread) is, it was the heart-warming sentiment inside that truly touched me.

Tonight on Monday Night Football the Cardinals play the Ravens.  
Who to root for?

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