Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Last night I stayed up until about 11:00 to finish a book (which wasn't really worth it) and so naturally this morning (because yesterday I'd told Cheri I've been sleeping in lately when we discussed a time to meet on Thursday?) I woke up at 5:00.

Marilyn has put in a request for a flower bouquet because she liked the ones I made for Mom for Mother's Day.  (The flowers will not actually be for Marilyn... she wants them as a gift for her friend Gail.)  

This time, when Cheri helps me, I'm going to take copious notes (and pictures!) of the steps so I will be able to make them on my own next time.  That's the theory, anyway!

I already have the dozen fabrics cut out and ironed.  Despite my tonnage of fabric it wasn't as easy as expected since Gail's home is decorated in country style, with muted colors... and my color choices tend to scream fairly loudly. This afternoon I plan to pick up the rest of the necessary supplies (sticks and more green felt) at Michael's.

I'm off to Colleen's this morning to drop off some stuff and see all the great things she made at Quilt Camp, while Tom gets to have a new windshield installed today.  On our way to the hot springs in the summer of '14 a big truck threw a rock up onto the truck, creating an instant nasty crack.  Lately that crack has spread so today's the day he's doing something about it.  

The doorbell rang just as I finished typing the preceding paragraph, and Tom's windshield is currently being replaced.  (No, Tom wasn't even awake yet!)  When JD finishes he'g going to take a look at the chips in my windshield to see if they fall into the fixable category.  If so, he can also take care of that this morning.  Tom has used him before, and he's capable and reliable.   

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