Friday, October 30, 2015

We did get some rain/wind yesterday afternoon, right on schedule (translation: yesterday afternoon we had flood irrigation.)  With all the clouds in the sky it's possible we might get some more today.  Yesterday's winds sent this 25' pumpkin flying through Peoria.  

When Alex posted this picture on FB yesterday of him "chillin on forklift" it reminded me of some photos of him when he was just a little guy but already interested in "big boy toys".

So it seemed like a good opportunity to try out the scanner on our new printer.  While it is a totally different process from scanning with the old printer, surprisingly (!) I had no problem actually scanning the photos in.  Unfortunately figuring out where  on my hard drive the printer had stashed them was not easy, and soon turned into a major issue.  (Yes it would have been convenient if the computer had just asked me where on the computer I'd like to put my scans - but of course it didn't!)  

Eventually (after I'd exhausted the few search options I had) I enlisted Tom's help, and after much additional searching (at least Tom started out looking everywhere I had originally tried) and head scratching the deed was finally done.  Now that I know how the computer "thinks" it should (!) be a piece of cake next time...

Here are those pix of 2-year-old Alex his recent post brought to mind.

Cheri and I made substantial progress on the flower project yesterday, but though I was there until 4:00 (and we really did work on our flowers most of that time!) we did not actually finish as she had (naively!) predicted.  Here are the 6x18 pieces of fabric folded (first to 3x18) and ironed, then folded in half again (to 3x9) so they could be wavy trimmed on their outside edges.

I had to do that wavy trimming at Cheri's house (my mats are all green) because although I had splurged and bought a wavy blade for my rotary cutter, that blade is still in the package - and so safely tucked away "somewhere" that it didn't turn up when I was looking for it to use for this project. It could be hiding in plain sight, like this guy...

Here are the flowers at this stage in their 'growth'.

While I was working on my flowers, Cheri was making up a small patriotic bouquet of her own to give to a friend (originally from the Phillipines) who is becoming a naturalized citizen today.  Cheri turned these 

into this perfect gift to celebrate her friend's big day.

I stayed up reading last night (it was after 11:30 when I finally turned out my light) so of course I was up before 6:00 this morning.  Hope I have enough energy for my workout at the gym today. <g>  The good news is that my elbow feels considerably better today; the big question is how it will behave once I start using it at the gym today. This 'getting old' process is definitely getting old!!! 

Today I also need to run some errands (mail off  my birthday present to Terry, pick up a couple more baby bibs for next two babies who have recently made their appearance in the world, pick up a couple of books waiting for me at the library, etc.)

And I should call the exterminator today to see about the breakdown in communication.  I had cancelled  Ken's visit for yesterday afternoon (and rescheduled for next Thursday) because of irrigation, so when I got home yesterday I was surprised to hear that Ken had showed up (and sprayed) as originally planned; obviously he never got Judy's message about waiting until next week.  Of course I never said anything to Tom about Ken coming to spray while I was gone for the day - because I wasn't expecting him to...!

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