Wednesday, October 28, 2015

This morning I picked up Carol and brought her to Busy Bees - first time she's been able to get there since the January meeting!  Of course everyone was thrilled to see her again.  Here are Carol and Jean, waiting for the meeting to start.

It was a surprise that Pennie brought her daughter Heather and 3-week-old granddaughter Jordyn, though it was certainly no surprise that everyone adored little Jordyn; she's definitely a cutie!  I had expected to give Jordyn's Somebunny Special bib to Pennie, so it was nice to be able to give it directly to Heather and Jordyn.  Heather really liked it, though as you can see Jordyn was not terribly impressed.

Before leaving home this morning I had my usual oatmeal breakfast, hoping to be able to resist the goodies at the meeting.  I was feeling quite pleased with myself when I only took some of the fresh fruit at the meeting.  Until, that is, it turned out to be Peggy's birthday.  She is well-known for her baking skills, so it's not any surprise that I 'forced' myself to eat a slice of the decadent chocolate cake she brought in today.

Sharon, who is known for her exquisite quilts (no one wants to go after her during Show & Tell) brought in a quilt she'd made from some leftover scraps.  Not only didn't Sharon like the final result (it's going to charity, and will keep someone warm and snuggly), but when she showed it to her daughter (who usually kvells over everything Sharon makes), her daughter made a comment to the effect that there was "no hope" for this quilt.

After the meeting Carol asked if I would swing by her old house (just a mile or two away) before I took her back to Assisted Living.  When I saw a car in the driveway I took a chance that someone was home and rang the bell.  After I explained to Aurora that Carol had lived there for 53+ years (until she broke her hip earlier this year) and would love to see all the renovations inside, she was more than willing to let us in for a look-see.

By the time I took Carol home she was pretty worn out from the 3 sets of car transfers and the extra walking, though she agreed it had been a wonderful morning. So we'll do it again next month!

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