Friday, October 30, 2015

I've been waiting and checking for my first Social Security check to show up in my bank account.  Even though I got to start Medicare on Sept. 1, for some reason I would not get my first retirement benefit check until mid-October.  This morning I was all set to call the SS office and sit on Hold, in hopes that the person who eventually answered the phone would be able to figure out where the $ is.  Just as I was getting ready to dial I had an idea....

Because this would be "found" money I wasn't used to having each month, maybe I had decided to have it deposited into my Savings account where it could sit unmolested?  And sure enough, that's where it's been since October 14.  

Always happy when I don't have to wait on Hold - and even happier that after all the headaches I had signing up I didn't have to deal with yet another clueless person at SS!

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