Monday, October 26, 2015

At the gym this afternoon I warmed up on the rowing machine, and then moved on to the series of arm machines that Jim introduced me to on Friday.  For my actual workout we went over the non-weight-bearing leg exercises on the mat (some sitting, some 'reclining') which I can do at home.  They weren't nearly as brutal as the other time we did them, which I count as true progress.

Of course I've done some back-sliding, and it hasn't helped that Tom brought home a large bag of little bags of M&Ms for Halloween; once that bag got opened it was no contest.  After I finished off the last little bag yesterday I thought I was safe, except that when Tom went to the grocery store today he bought some more.  Now if this new bag would just stay closed until Saturday there might be hope for me... except when I put in my request for that Tom said he's going to open it because he wants some.  Sigh...

Talked with Patti yesterday, and heard all about her jury duty on Thursday and Friday.  It was a DUI case where the woman had pulled over onto the side of the road  but still had her engine going (she said it was because it was hot out and she needed to run her A/C, which is somewhat understandable here in AZ.) Her "excuse" was that the DD had to leave because of some sort of family emergency - though that wouldn't explain how she had her own car, right? (The case reminded me of someone I knew in Idaho who got busted for the same thing many years ago after he pulled over and "went to sleep" - more likely passed out - with his engine running.)  FYI Patti's jury found the woman guilty, and I can't say I have too much sympathy for her or my friend in Idaho. I'm all for doing whatever it takes to keep drunk drivers off the road!

When Judy called to set up this month's visit from the exterminator, I was available and signed up for the first slot she mentioned - which doesn't happen too often.  However <cue music> when I checked the latest irrigation schedule, it turned out that the two hour time slot just happened to coincide with the two hours when we'll be getting water, so I had to call and re-schedule.

This morning I also made several other phone calls, one trying to order a gift, and another trying to take care of some financial business (which I thought had already been taken care of.)  

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