Sunday, November 13, 2016

Yesterday was spent relaxing in the sun (my face did get some color before I turned my chair backwards) listening to wonderful bluegrass music and reading. At one point, with my chair reclined, I think I dozed off (waking up at 4:00 is getting really old) only to be rudely awakened when I got whacked in the face with a flying water bottle. Luckily it startled me more than it hurt.  

I also made great progress on one of my latest library books (The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead) and finished it this morning.  With a lot of people ahead of me in line it had taken quite a while for my name to float to the top of the list at the library - but it was worth the wait.

All the sitting yesterday (even in my comfy short chair which reclines nicely) aggravated my back. It's been a while since it's felt 'crunched', and if I had the hot tub cleaned and up & running I'd be in it soaking this morning. The hot tub has not been a priority because our weather continues to be unseasonably warm, and we expect to flirt with 90 by mid-week. Still I will need to get into a cold-weather mindset when packing over the next few days.

Alex (and his colleagues) had dinner with Mom and Andy & Sandy at Mink Hollow on Friday evening, though (as yet) I have not heard any details from any of them. I did, however, get the picture I requested, of Bana in the Rockstar truck when Alex picked her up (I think literally) at Riderwood.

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