Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Yesterday I mailed off Terry's birthday gift and my registration form for the Quilt Retreat in February before heading to my doctor appointment.  There were hardly any cars in the PO parking lot, so I was not surprised that there was virtually no wait inside.  :-)

That meant I got to the doctor's office earlier than expected.  Unfortunately my 2:30 appointment did not happen until close to 3:30 (and during my wait I just about froze in the exam room when the A/C kicked in) which is why whenever possible I schedule doc appointments for the morning.  

While Tom watched football last night I watched an old B/W movie with Jimmy Stewart, The Shop Around the Corner; that's been on my list for years. (You've Got Mail was the modern remake.) The shop owner in the movie looked/sounded familiar, and I was pretty sure he played The Wizard of Oz.  After the movie ended I checked - and sure enough, Frank Morgan played both parts. 


I started the movie after I'd given up on getting any trick-of-treaters, so naturally they arrived (en masse via the hayride) a minute or two into the movie, shortly after the credits had just finished rolling.  But that's what the Pause button is for, right? 

It was a very polite well-behaved group.  The kids lined up to get their candy, and virtually all of them said Thank You as I dropped my chocolate bars into their bags.  Some very cute costumes, though I didn't really get a chance to interact with the kids because of the sheer volume.  

Tom had picked up another bag of chocolate at the store yesterday "just in case", but as it turned out we had more than enough. Now what to do with the leftover chocolate?

I was not thrilled to wake up at 4:00 this morning (and did try to fall back asleep after my bathroom run, but no such luck.)  It's now 6:30 and I just heard Tom's alarm go off (he's got a bunch of medical tests to take care of this morning) so at least now I can start doing stuff around the house without having to be quiet.

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