Monday, November 21, 2016

The five of us had a delightful brunch yesterday. I was not the only one who pigged out (Mom felt she got her money's worth) and 'probably' <g> not the only one who skipped dinner that night because I was still stuffed!  Allen had planned to take Rachelle and Bob out to dinner that night for their anniversary, but I have a feeling they may have decided to reschedule. (And if Helen had not died this past May, yesterday would have been Helen and Allen's 67th anniversary.) I did get a wonderful shot of Allen, Rachelle, and Bob - but since it's on my camera I won't be able to post it until after my return to Arizona.

Up in the the apartment after brunch (during brunch Mom declared politics off limits) we all commiserated about the election and its aftermath.  It was so nice to feel validated for my feelings about the appalling choices for the next administration, instead of "give him a chance" - a patronizing view I got from so many back home in the week following the election, and which just made me feel even more isolated and depressed.

When I got back to Mink Hollow around 5:00 yesterday Andy & Sandy had only been home about 10 minutes. The heavy winds had made their drive back from the shore somewhat harrowing.  Andy got a fire going (their first of the season since it had been such a mild Fall) and we certainly enjoyed it while listening to the winds howl outside.

Sandy is off to check on her mom this morning, but Ivy (who has not been doing well and is in hospice) seems to have taken a turn for the worse over the weekend. While it's not surprising (Ivy is, after all, 97) it's still a difficult situation for Sandy, who recently buried Mike, her only sibling.

I am getting ready to head over to see Mom, and waiting to hear from Richie about whether he will be able to lunch with us today.

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