Friday, November 4, 2016

Thursday morning I sewed, did laundry, made a library run, etc.  In the afternoon I vegged, and even tried to take a nap (didn't sleep well.)  Late in the afternoon the expected storm came through Phoenix, and we got lots and lots of rain. (There were even tornado warnings in northern Arizona!)  Good thing Tom had spent the afternoon mowing and weed-eating.  It was quite a storm (that took up the entire local news half hour) but everyone needed the rain since it had been a while.  (Of course WE got irrigation early this morning, right on schedule to coincide with the rain.) 

It got quite cool because of the storm, and I felt the need to bundle up last night.  Which got me thinking about what I'll need to pack for my trip in two weeks.  Hard to think about dressing to stay warm when the temps are triple digit (or close to it) but yesterday reminded me.

Aja brought Tyga over last night (she's got a killer schedule for today and tomorrow).  It's nice that I've finally 'convinced' him <g>  that he doesn't need to bark when the microwave dinger goes off, or the kitchen timer.  He had fun helping me out back letting the water go this morning, but (un?)fortunately didn't find a crab to play with.

Off the to gym in a bit, but then nothing else on the schedule because (once again) it's a half day at school so I won't be doing the tutoring gig this afternoon.

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