Monday, November 7, 2016

Bathroom remodel project is (basically) finished, though with a dollop of paint left I'm still deciding what to do about the trim.  Still.... it's a nice feeling!

I also have two mesh bags almost finished - just need to square off their bottoms.  But my directions ("square off bottoms") leave a little to be desired, so I see a call in to Wanda in my future for a few helpful reminders!

Foothills' annual program with Pat Knoechel, and accompanying potluck, is coming up on Wednesday, which means today I need to boil up eggs so I can devil them tomorrow.  Pat is an entertaining speaker, and the quilts she brings to her deomos are beautiful.  Plus she always gets me motivated to sew more.

Good news - see me jumping for joy because I snagged one of the 32 spots
 for the Quilt Retreat in February! 

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