Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving was busy, first with the hustle and bustle of getting ready, and then (of course!) with all the conversation and eating.  We kept political discourse to a minimum (we're all on the same page after all and "everything" has already been said, plus it was not a day for weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.)  And if anyone went home hungry (or even not stuffed to the gills) it was his or her own fault! Andy and Sandy had made two turkeys (those of us 'of an age' surely remember the old Alka Selzer commercial), one in the oven and one in the deep fryer, and both turned out delicious. 

Friday morning I slept in - and so did everyone else, so it was obviously needed by all.  Andy and Sandy celebrated their anniversary with a quiet day of relaxation at home; Mom and I had thought about going out to a movie, but the nearby theater wasn't showing anything that interested us (and we certainly weren't going to a theater in one of the malls on Black Friday!)  We ended up watching a Netflix which turned out to be excellent and we both enjoyed it.  Gleason is about football player Stephen Gleason who was diagnosed with ALS shortly after he retired from playing.  Weeks after his diagnosis they discovered his wife was pregnant, and he decided to make a video diary for the child who would most likely never 'know' him.

Driving home another deer bounded across Mink Hollow in front of me.  While this one wasn't as much of a close miss as the previous one (for which I was grateful!) when you see one deer you often see several more, so I was ready 'just in case.'

Last night I "took" the Evidence exam Andy will be giving to his law students this coming week.  I haven't seen my actual score (it would be interesting to see if I got any right!) though he did casually <g> mention I would "need to re-take the class"... LOL

This afternoon Mom and I are going over to Ed & Emily's. Since I missed the wedding last month I didn't get to see their new place. It will also give me an opportunity to see the colors (blue and gray) 'up close and personal' which will help me pick fabrics for the quilt I'll be making as their wedding gift. And I'll get to see Charlie and Harry, who were with their mom on Thursday.

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