Thursday, November 10, 2016

Waking up yesterday and discovering the nightmare was real, I had difficulty enjoying the annual program at Foothills yesterday.  Last night I watched the news coverage, then Rachel, and Chris.  It was quite distressing to learn that 49% of eligible voters did not cast a ballot in the election! Apparently they were not able to bring themselves to choose either candidate, (somehow!) believing that there was 'no lesser of the two evils'?

There are so many things about a Trump presidency that are appalling, especially the people he is likely to surround himself with and appoint to top positions.  

But (assuming his itchy finger on the button doesn't start WWIII) filling seats on the Supreme Court will most likely have the largest impact on us for decades to come. 

Of course I can dream that Trump is convicted during his upcoming trials... 
though Pence is also a frightening alternative!

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