Wednesday, November 30, 2016

With my body still on East Coast Time it should be no real surprise to anyone (and certainly not to me!) that I crashed early last night.  While I've been up since before 5:00 this morning I still got a very good night's sleep... and so tonight expect to be able to stay up past 8:00!  

I did, however, experience a severe bout of vertigo in bed this morning when I lit up my watch dial in the dark, wanting to check if it was still the middle of the night or actually morning.  Happily the room only spun viciously for a minute or two - though of course I was extremely careful when I got out of bed 'just in case'. This has happened before on the morning after I've flown, but I've had all sorts of tests done and it's apparently nothing to be concerned about.

Recently I finished a novel about the grim lives of coal miners in 1912 Pennsylvania, before the unions helped protect them. Though the plot was somewhat contrived and the main character not quite believable (which is why I cannot actually 'recommend' it), it still seemed a good representation of the conditions.  Those criticisms not withstanding I still enjoyed it and I'm glad I read it.  Currently I'm engrossed in The Art of Fielding, about a shortstop, which I am finding hard to put down despite not being a baseball fan or knowing much about the game.

Later today I plan to load the few pix I took in Maryland so I can share them, and also do a little sewing since there are a "few" gifts still to make! 

Alex is currently camping with some friends despite the nippy temps (which is why a sizeable portion of the expected group bailed on him) so I haven't yet seen him since he left on tour a few months ago. But he did call yesterday and will be home sometime today. I'm hoping I can get him to help me clean the hot tub (he and Aja enjoy using it also) and then I'll be able to start off my mornings with a soak.

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