Saturday, November 19, 2016

I had some issues with the alarm system this morning (no real surprise) but in the end it turned out okay; will hope to do better tomorrow.  This is the first time I have had to deal with it (Andy and Sandy are away for the weekend celebrating their anniversary) and I had no issues turning it off yesterday or today when I returned here, or setting it either night once I was in for the night. It just wasn't happy with me setting it when I was leaving this morning. The house phone immediately rang, and I was ready to tell the security people the password - but no one was on the phone. Of course they called Andy and he took care of it.  Who knows - we may do it again tomorrow!

It was another beautiful day today, at least early on, and Mom and I took a walk before heading over to see the foreign movie on the far end of campus this afternoon. Unfortunately the film was less than stellar (though it did have a few good moments) and we ended up leaving before it was over.  By then the expected storm was blowing quite a bit so we took the circuitous inside route back even though it is much longer than walking directly across campus.

Today we made arrangements to get together with various folks while I'm here. Tomorrow Uncle Allen, cousin Rachelle and hubby Bob will join us for brunch at Riderwood; of course we will also see them on Thursday, but with the big crowd it won't be quite so easy to chat and catch up.  On Monday we are meeting Richie for lunch, and we'll lunch with Lucille on Tuesday. Nothing on for Wednesday yet.

Thursday "the usual suspects" (16? of us) will be here celebrating the holiday.  Then on Friday Andy & Sandy and Mom and I plan to head to the beach house for a weekend of (more) relaxing.  And that's my itinerary.

Here's a cell phone pic of Mom I took today, to show Mel that Mom was wearing one of her necklaces.

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