Saturday, November 5, 2016

Tom got nervous yesterday when he saw a large truck dropping off light plants at the church across the street.  Usually those portable lights are used for night-time construction, so he was worried that the church was getting ready to start building something (at night!) on the rest of its over-size property.  Being the curious neighbor that he is he walked over to check it out, and was relieved to find out they were just going to be using the church's empty lot for overflow parking for the charter school up on the corner which was having its Fall Festival last night.  (FYI I recently learned that building was originally Loretta Young's Charm School for Young Women back in the 50s.)  We decided to go check out the Fall Festival and "dine", but there weren't many food options so we ended up going out to Freddy's for burgers, then came home and watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which I found entertaining.

I finally got a good night's sleep last night (obviously it helped that I took a Lunesta at 10:00) and only woke up - a little before 9:00! -  when a rather large package for Alex was delivered.

So far this morning I did a whole lot of weeding out front, pretty much ridding the yard of zillions of dandelions.  The ground was still saturated enough that all but a handful pulled out with their roots intact. Tom came out for a bit and trimmed some of Chinese elms' low-hanging branches, and also tidied up a few of the bushes, so between the two of us the trash can is filled up and the front yard looks a lot spiffier.  

While I was out there working Virginia rode by on her horse (Tyga was definitely interested in her big "dog") and asked about last week's car on fire, and George and Rachel, who live on the other side of 35th, stopped to see if they could harvest some of the olives from our trees.  I explained that our olives weren't the eating kind, but they said Rachel does make something good to eat from them.  In any event, I told them they could have whatever they wanted, which made them happy, and they seemed to think the olives would be ready for harvest in another week or two.  I wasn't able to identify their heavy accents (or syntax) but we seemed to communicate okay.  

Also did some laundry, and now getting ready to pay some bills.  Not the most exciting of Saturdays, but things sure look a lot brighter after a good night's sleep!

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