Wednesday, November 2, 2016

When I checked in at the gym yesterday the young woman at the desk asked me how Lisa is.  I did not recognize her, and assumed she was one of Lisa's classmates.  Turns out it was Julianna, younger sister of Karissa, one of Lisa's close friends from grade school.  Since the last time I saw Julianna was likely about 15 years ago (when she would have been in 3rd grade) it's not really that surprising I didn't recognize her.  

Didn't get much done yesterday afternoon (pretty much what I expected after waking up tired), not even a nap.  I did try for one, but about the time I thought I had a chance of drifting off Tom came in to get my help fixing the pool pump.  

This morning I slept until 6:00, so maybe it'll be a more productive day.  I've already gotten the first coat of paint onto one of the remaining walls in the bathroom, and once that dries I can slop on the final coat.  

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