Saturday, November 19, 2016

Thursday was a long day of traveling, but it was (mostly) uneventful, and I'm always grateful when my luggage makes the same trip.  An hour into the flight we hit a sudden stretch of turbulence which lasted about 15 minutes, during which the plane not only lurched violently, throwing us in every possible direction, but also made horrible noises I have never heard before on an airplane, as if it was coming apart.  It reminded me of the experience Andy and I had in a tiny 4-seater plane some three or four decades ago, when we went sightseeing over the Grand Canyon. As the hot air rising from the canyon met the cool air above and "argued", the turbulence tossed that plane around easily, and neither of us has forgotten that harrowing experience.  

I was surprised that Andy came to the airport with Sandy (turned out he'd been working near home that day, in court in Columbia.)  They took me to dinner at Timbuktu while we waited for the worst of the rush hour traffic to abate. The restaurant is renowned for their crabcakes - and I can see why! It was not only delicious, but huge.  (I had the leftovers for dinner on Friday.)

Once we reached the house Pippa gave me a warm greeting, though now that she's a "mature" 2-year-old there was none of that foolish puppy behavior of jumping all over people.  And of course as I was the newbie in the house she slept in my bedroom with me.

Friday was spent with Mom over at Riderwood.  She looks great, and now that she's sleeping better her balance has improved some.  Of course <g> we got in a couple of games of Rummikub, and then after lunch we walked across campus to attend her Friday afternoon class:The History of Medicine.  She offered to forego it, but it sounded interesting - and it was; yesterday's class turned out to be mostly about smallpox.  My only problem was sitting for the two hours, even with my thermorest.  All those hours and hours (and hours) of sitting on Thursday has made my back crankier than it's been in a LONG time, so I'd almost forgotten about "that" spot on my lower back which has now flared up.

The weather yesterday was glorious, and today should be almost as nice. Then it will cool off some. But at least the change from the upper 80s to the 40s is somewhat gradual, and presenting less of a shock to my system.  

I slept in until 8:00 this morning (!) which I guess I needed.  Now it's time to get dressed and head back over to Mom's.

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