Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Voting turned out to be a breeze. There was NO line for my precinct at the polling place (though the other precinct sharing the location was quite busy.) I showed my license, signed my name, and was given a ballot right away.  I've done what I can to save us from tRUMP and now just have to wait for the results.

Then it was over to Best Buy to (finally) buy a new battery for my camera; I will need it tomorrow as the official photographer at Foothills. While there I also talked with three different customer service guys, but at least now I FINALLY am able to access the macro setting on my camera via the macro button.  It should not have been so difficult- but hopefully the issue is now resolved.

Since Lowe's was right across the parking lot I stopped in and I picked up 5 covers (for the light switches and electric outlets) and once home installed them in the "new" bathroom.  Looking better and better in there.

And late this afternoon I deviled the eggs for tomorrow's potluck.  Feels like a pretty productive day!


I was feeling pretty good until the election results started to come in.  It's still early, only 7:30 here.... But the number of states that have gone red is beyond discouraging, and making me sick to my stomach.  

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