Monday, November 21, 2016

The thermometer read 34 degrees when I left this morning, although it 'warmed up' about 10 degrees by lunch time. Even though we parked right in front of the restaurant, the wind was gusting so much that Mom could barely move forward, and I also had considerable difficulty holding the door open. Once safely inside (though chilled from our very short time outside) we had a delightful lunch with Richie. Of course we again bemoaned the current state of affairs, but also caught up on each other's family.

This morning we watched some old home movies from the 80s (everyone looked so young!) and this afternoon we continued our Rummikub competition; I seriously increased my lead (by 100 points after I was able to go out when Mom still had a fairly full rack.

Now that I've returned to Mink Hollow I'm surprised that Sandy is not yet home (Andy teaches at the law school on Monday evenings and won't be home until late) so I am a little worried about the situation with her mom.

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