Wednesday, November 23, 2016

It was only 38 degrees when I went to visit Dad at the cemetery, but with no wind it wasn't too bad. Sandy & Andy had gone to make the arrangements at the funeral home, and because the cleaners were at the house Pippa came with me to visit Mom.  (It was too cold to leave her outside all day so otherwise she would have had to be cooped up in the storage room all day.) That worked out well because Mom, as expected, was delighted to have the unexpected visitor.

Andy and Sandy ended up bringing over lunch (more yummy Chinese take-out) when they finished with arrangements for Ivy, and then took Pippa home with them.  Ivy's funeral will be on Sunday afternoon.  At least this trip, after attending my aunt's funeral when I was visiting in May (and with three 90+ relatives "in the mix" here) I did pack an appropriate outfit.

Wednesday night I helped Sandy get the tables set and then "helped" Andy with some of his 5 pies (we made a run to Roots for some gluten-free pie shells, and then I peeled and diced the dozen apples.) Pokey isn't here to eat the cores so I set them out on the deck railing for the birds and squirrels.


By the time I made it upstairs this morning (surprisingly but happily I went back to sleep after I made a run to the bathroom around 5:00) it was almost 8:00 (!)  I'm sure the critters had been up and busy well before that - and there was not an apple core in sight.

In a bit I will watch The Parade while I devil the eggs.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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