Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Yesterday I still was not feeling up to par, though I did make it all the way through my workout without much difficulty.  Did learn that my symptoms, not-a-headache-but-weird-pressure-in-my-head with occasional lightheadedness and dizziness, might be allergies.... which I've never had before.  Guess it's never too late to start?

Once I got home I took advantage of the cool(ish) overcast weather and did a bunch of yardwork (when I got sprinkled on) and then cleaned the pool.  Later I mucked out a number of bulging folders and shredded old documents.  I do keep flitting from project to project, but that's my prerogative, right?  At least I'm getting stuff done.

Last night I finally had a night where I fell asleep at a reasonable time - but also woke up around 4:00 this morning, earlier than I would have liked.  On the other hand, maybe I can get some binding made and attached to a set of placemats so I'll have some handwork to do at Foothills. I had planned to do that yesterday, but never quite got around to it.

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