Friday, September 23, 2016

I had a few extra minutes before the gym so I mucked out the front console in my car, mostly getting rid of expired coupons.  After the gym I stopped for gas.  Since driving around in yesterday's rain had done a fine job of debugging the windshield (though I discovered that I may need to replace one of my wipers) I used that time to debug the front of the car/grille, which was looking pretty bad.  So now I have a full tank, emptier console, and clean(er) looking vehicle.

Cue Twilight Zone music for next 'story'. 

This morning I got an e-mail from Bank of America 
concerning the credit card  for all of my automatic payments:

Your account ending in **** is currently past due. 
Please make payment arrangements at your earliest opportunity.

I haven't gotten a bill, and when I checked the account on-line it showed that the next payment isn't due until October 2.  So I called the bank to check into it.  Figuring I'd need the card, I went to my wallet and got it out.  Also figuring that I "might" have to sit on hold for a bit before talking to a customer service rep, I sat down at the computer (to lose at solitaire while I waited) and dialed the bank.  At which point I realized I no longer had the card.  Checked under every piece of paper at the desk, rechecked my wallet (and purse), looked between the desk and the wall - and then did all those things again - twice! - but the card has magically vanished into thin air.

It does, in fact, turn out that payment is not due until October 2.  When I mentioned I had yet to receive a bill, she checked and one was mailed out a couple of weeks ago, so she's going to send me a duplicate bill.  And also a replacement card.  But when she told me it would be a different account number and I'd have to contact all those folks about changing the automatic payments to the new account, I was less than thrilled.   After I explained the disappearance and told her that I'm SURE the card is here in the house she agreed to issue the replacement card with the same account number.  Dodged that bullet!

Time for a quick shower and then I'm off to volunteer at Park Meadows.

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