Wednesday, September 21, 2016

This morning at Busy Bees, Carol Olsen gave a trunk show of her mother's quilts (hand pieced and hand quilted) and also some of hers.  Very motivating!  Once I load my photos I might even share some pix.

Tom and I had talked Aja into staying here last night "just in case" there was an emergency (like kidney stones) though I did have to take her back to her place to pick up some things - and Tyga, of course!  Driving on the 101 during rush hour wasn't a whole lot of fun, but instead of getting aggravated I mostly felt grateful that I don't have to deal with that issue on a daily basis, like most of the other drivers.

Aja slept until almost noon today, and was feeling much better.  Antibiotics are wonderful!  (Though lately I've heard several segments related to their over-use, and just today on NPR a doctor talked about how things like a hip replacement or a C-section, to say nothing of chemo drugs, could become a thing of the past if antibiotics stop working on new resistant strains.)

Picked up a couple of books waiting for me at the library, and while there helped out a mom whose toddler was not cooperating until I chatted with him; she was quite grateful.  Then a trip to Target, mostly for printer ink - though I did pick up other things on my list.  

Aja and I watched a Netflix this afternoon, East Side Sushi (which Terry had recommended, and we both enjoyed) and then late this afternoon I took her back to her place.  She seems fine, but the good news is that a girlfriend is coming over to stay with her tonight 'just in case'.  Rush hour wasn't quite as bad as yesterday, though hopefully I'm done with that 'commute' for a while.

Off to dinner.  Thought I'd give Tom a break from cooking (I actually did dinner last night: grilled salmon, steamed asparagus, and rice) since he's been busy packing all day.  He leaves for Oregon in the morning.

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