Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Diane loved the bibs I gave her for her mom yesterday - and then last night I got another wonderful thank you from her.  No question that my work is appreciated!  Neil's bibs should arrive in Colorado tomorrow, and hopefully will also be a hit.

My time in the 1st grade yesterday with Vicki was uneventful - though I'm reminded why I don't want to sub any more.  I may be volunteering with Diane on Friday afternoons this year, although Karen in the office is still giving me grief, and "doesn't remember" getting the e-mail from the DVUSD office about me not having to take the volunteer training.  Wish I'd kept my copy of that e-mail, but it did say they were CC-ing it to her.  (And I'm reasonably sure she did get it, because right after that she quit bugging me.)

My legs are still sore (at least they only kvetch during workouts) but I made it through this morning's session without too much trouble.  Will miss Friday's and Sunday's sessions because of Quilt Camp in Flagstaff, so hope I don't pay for the 'vacation' next Tuesday.

This afternoon I saw my breast surgeon for the last time because she's retiring this month to spend more time with her small children.  Got a good check-up (we celebrated my 'almost 5 year' anniversary, which occurs officially in January) and she said I have the choice of switching over to the other surgeon in her practice, or letting my oncologist take over.  Will decide after I meet with the oncologist next.

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