Sunday, September 11, 2016

Haven't posted in over a week - as many of my 'public' have noticed.  Yes, I'm fine.  Was just in a bit of a funk, and then never got back into posting mode.  Will try to fill in the gaps from this past week.

Yesterday I went to see Sully at the movies and found it quite entertaining, though I was surprised that it was mostly about the NTSB's investigation of the incident.  I always enjoy Tom Hanks' movies, and would probably go to watch him read the phone book... just wouldn't want to travel with him:

 Thursday I started back at OT with Leonie.  We're starting slowly, and I'm doing my homework exercises twice each day.  The cortisone shot still seems to be helping painwise, and I'm optimistic about getting back more function.  I also had an appointment with the chiropractor on Thursday, but unfortunately mixed up the times of the two appointments.  Felt pretty foolish about that, but it ended up working out okay.

Wednesday we got rain from Hurricane Newton (a few days early; irrigation wasn't until Friday) but not as much as expected, at least here in Phoenix; in Tucson and points south they got a lot more.  I schlepped my machine to Busy Bees for Joni's Little Houses class, and mine were definitely the littlest.  Not having worked on anything since June, paper piecing may not have been the best project to jump back into.  Not only did I have to rip out my very first seam, but also my second.  And no, the third time was not the charm; I managed to make every possible mistake (backwards, upside down and inside out) before I finally got it right on the fourth attempt. However the frustrations continued (reminding me of why I put the project aside) and I did not even finish the tiny block before I packed it in and decided to just sit and chat.

Afterward Jan and I went to Wildflower for our belated birthday lunch. I'd brought the blinking birthday glasses, which elicited smiles from virtually everyone in there - and got our lunches, complete with their decadent chocolate cake, comped by the manager! (Last year, when Carolyn was also with us, we 'only' got free cake.) Jan and I sat and talked long after we finished eating, and had such an enjoyable time that we may not wait another year for an excuse to do it again.

I've been back at the gym for over a week now, and while I've had to regress to lighter weights (and fewer sets) it hasn't been as bad as I'd feared.  Last Sunday I was actually able to used the 2.5# weights at Boot Camp, so on Tuesday Jim had me do upper body for the first time since April.  Yes I ended up sore a couple of days later, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Patti trimmed my hair last weekend (in Colorado I'd actually hacked off a section on each side to 'even' things up) and of course now it looks much more even.  She did, however, comment on the amount of gray that's showing up these days.  Guess that's to be expected, though the gray is still heavily out-weighed by brown, and most people assume I color my hair.  Maybe I could train a hummingbird to pull out the gray ones? 

Ben and Estera popped over last weekend with some goodies for us: salmon he had caught in Alaska, bread she had baked (which made great French Toast) and some of the veggie salad I enjoy. Of course the kids wanted to play with Tyga, and he was more than happy to let them feed him some dog treats.  He, however, did not feel the same way about playing after there was no more food, trying to escape their attention by hopping up on the couch, and at one point even growling at them. (Later I asked Alex if he'd ever seen Tyga around little kids, and he hadn't.)  I was surprised, because Tyga certainly loves attention and likes to play - but apparently not with little kids, like this guy.

Estera is due with their 4th (and last planned) child mid-month, and is more than ready to not be pregnant any more.  Though it's not likely to be easy for some time; Willie just turned 5 on August 31, and having four children 5 and under is not going to be any picnic, especially since Julianna and Tommy have had some serious health issues.  Here's hoping this little one (a girl) is born healthy! 

I've been doing a lot of reading this past week, and currently enjoying Winterdance by Gary Paulsen.  He's a familiar author to me (I've read several of his YA novels) though this book is somewhat different, a chronicling of his "adventures" (madness?!) when he decided to enter the Iditarod race in Alaska.  His understatements of the trials and tribulations (he had NO clue what he was getting into) had me in stitches much of the time - but also wondering how he survived the abuse. 

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