Friday, September 16, 2016

It wasn't just my imagination that my hand is getting better - Leonie noticed the improvement at OT yesterday.  My homework remains the same, and I am being diligent about doing the exercises twice each day.

It didn't take long to pack (and I even had time to post Wednesday's Foothills pix) and then I was on the road to Flagstaff. Uneventful drive, and I arrived around 2:30. Interesting house set-up (and Colleen wasn't kidding about all the steps up and down between all the rooms.) I'm bunking with Vicki, who is also an early-to-bed person, and it works great that our room is the farthest from the sewing room; some of the ladies sew into the wee hours of the morning.

First I had to clean my machine (the dust bunnies were getting out of control) and then I had issues trying to wind a bobbin, but eventually I was able to start sewing. Almost got my pile of 4-patches done (of course they'll still need to be "disappeared") before I quit for the night.

I was reading in bed last night and Vicki liked the way my PJs color coordinated with the bedding so she snapped this pic.

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