Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Everyone was glad to see me at Foothills this morning after my summer absence.  Today was the last meeting for one of our members, Patty, who is moving to Colorado.  She said her goodbyes, saying what a friendly and caring group we are, and told us how we've helped her though some tough times.  And then she touched my heart when she singled me out and mentioned how much she's especially enjoyed my sense of humor.  Always nice to feel appreciated!

Remember my frustrations last week, paper-piecing little houses?  Sharron Myers did a trunk show on paper-piecing in preparation for a class she'll be teaching next Wednesday.  (Unfortunately I'll have to miss that class; I'll be at the Busy Bees meeting.)  Sharron especially likes doing tiny work, so a number of her mini-quilts were especially impressive.

Here are just a few of them.

Linda has worked incredibly hard on the raffle quilt - and you should see the quilting she has planned for it.  WOW!

Because I don't have enough projects started, I'm planning to take Sharon's class next month so I can learn how to make a bag like this.  It involves wrapping strips of fabric around clothesline.

Show & Tell was fun, as usual.  Carolyn's little kitty purse is adorable.  
(Notice the fish in its mouth.)

Louise finished up her sewing room quilt - in style!

And Jan had her own paper-pieced project to display, possibly her entry in the Busy Bee Challenge: Out on a Limb.

Mary brought this adorable block.

She got the idea from an illustration in the newspaper

and had it blown up at the copy shop to use as her pattern.

After the meeting Linda and I went to lunch.  Wildflower was crowded when we got there, but we sat and chatted for so long that the place was virtually empty by the time we left.  She's keeping very busy with Zahn, but maybe we will manage to get together again before she leaves on vacation next month.  I always enjoy our time together!

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