Monday, September 26, 2016

Apparently I'm still on my new schedule; last night was yet another late one, when I was up until after midnight.  (Happily I did sleep in again this morning.)  That's 3 nights in a row!  Did have time to clean out the frig this morning before OT, getting in all the little nooks and crannies of the shelves and drawers.  My plan was to go to the grocery store after therapy so it made sense to do it while it was on the empty side. 

I have been really busy since Tom left, though most of what I've done (closets, drawers, all the outside windows on the west side) doesn't show.  But I am gets lots accomplished!

It was another good session at OT; Leonie upped some of my exercises to higher weights (I'm now back up to the 3# weight, where I was before my relapse the end of May) and there were no issues which is always a good sign!  I've also noticed progress on my own, when I've been able to hold "heavier" things in that hand.  

Thursday is my last scheduled session with her, and then she thinks I can just keep up my exercises at home until I see the surgeon on October 10.  Still can't press down enough with that thumb to release a seat belt, which is my 'ultimate' goal.

Ran a couple of quick nearby errands before the grocery store (at Walmart I ended up in line behind Mel), and then once I got home I decided to call COX and see if Tech Help could fix an annoying issue with the DVR.  Despite the box showing the correct time, when I set the DVR to record a future show somehow it doesn't quite match up.

It's truly only an issue when I record Jeopardy.  The DVR starts taping the last couple of minutes of Wheel of Fortune and then stops recording 30 minutes later... during the Final Jeopardy answers!  

That means sometimes, if the first contestant doesn't get it right, I can't find out if I have the correct answer or not.  And of course that's frustrating!

Stephanie tried several things from her end, but thinks I'm going to need a COX technician to actually come out to the house.  Before I schedule that I'm going to try recording again, and since tonight I will be watching the debate during that time it's a good time to tape Jeopardy and confirm the problem. 

And now it's time to return to mucking and cleaning.

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