Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tyga did end up coming over last night to spend the weekend, which was a nice surprise.  Of course that meant I had to walk him last night after irrigation and before bed, but turns out I was up late anyway; I watched TV and then read until 1:00 a.m., very out of character for me.  Still, I was beyond surprised this morning when I realized that I'd slept in until almost 9:00!  Tyga is used to Aja's late hours so he seemed fine with that.

Once I got going this morning I attacked my closet and got rid of a fair number of clothes - and a dozen pairs of flip flops!  Still have a number of things left on the bed that I'll need to try on before I make a decision on them, but the closet looks a whole lot better.  

However I still have not found the red/blue summer dress that I was looking for yesterday (and what finally pushed me to do the closet, Patti?)  I'm wondering where it could possibly be.  I don't remember anything happening to it so I would have needed to throw it away, and it sure was comfy, and I'll miss it.  Tis a mystery...  

This afternoon, when I've run out of steam, Patti and I are going to get together to watch a movie, and I can also hear all about her recent trip to Michigan (she got home on Wednesday, and looked extremely wiped out when I saw her in the school office yesterday.)  I'm so glad to hear that her sister Jeanette, who recently finished up chemo, is finally starting to get some of her energy back. And despite talking to her often, I'm sure it was nice for Patti to finally get to spend time with her and see for herself how well she's doing.

Alex's phone arrived in Texas overnight as scheduled, and was waiting for him when he got back to the hotel yesterday.  He called me on it mid-afternoon, within an hour of getting it (!) to let me know he was up and running again.  And speaking of running, below is the rig he and Brendon are traveling around the country in.  (Hard to tell from this angle, but that's a BIG trailer they're pulling.)  Not surprising to hear that he's having a blast, though I'm guessing that the allure of being on the road, eating out every night and moving from hotel to hotel every few days, may have lost some of it's glamour by the time the tour ends around Thanksgiving.  Or not, because what do I know?

Break time over - time to get back to work!

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