Thursday, September 22, 2016

It started raining when I was driving to OT (yes irrigation is imminent, scheduled for tomorrow evening.)  It was a good session, and Leonie increased some exercises and added a few more.  We can both see progress, which is always encouraging.

Before irrigation I wanted to do some raking in the jungle (if I ever get it all done there may be a national celebration!) so before it got too hot and muggy I went out to do that this morning.  Which is when Alex called to give me the info on where to mail his new phone.  that arrived just in the nick of time; he had to call on Brendon's phone because his finally bit the dust last night.  (Given the sad shape it was in I'm surprised it lasted this long!)  I got it packed up (along with his Roku that he requested) and after OT popped over to the post office to send it on its way.  Amazingly there was no line, just one person ahead of me, which was much appreciated.  Alex had requested I send it next day delivery, so by this time tomorrow he should have his new phone.  As for getting it hooked up, that could be another story.

There was also no line at the emissions place, so I was in and out of there in no time flat after passing with flying colors.  People here don't like to drive in the rain, so I'm guessing that the weather kept a lot of folks home.  Works for me!

Just finished my yummy leftovers from last night, and now I'm off to Target to see if I can get the correct ink cartridge.  Of course Tom has left for Oregon, so I will have to install it myself.  Given the whole printer saga it would not be surprising to run into more wrinkles, though I'm going to try to be positive.

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