Friday, September 23, 2016

I've been doing some (much needed!) house cleaning this morning.  I'm trying to seriously muck out some drawers, and be ruthless!  So far <g>  it's working....

Now that I'm at the computer, I'm toying with the idea of putting in the new ink cartridge.  That way I could print up my Netflix list of movies in the queue and see if any of them (many are not new ones) are available at the library.  I will be making another run over there soon because after I just picked up a couple of books that were waiting for me two more arrived the next day.

This morning I finally made an appointment for an initial consult with a plastic surgeon (recommended by my breast surgeon, who says the surgery is not likely to interfere with future mammograms) to talk about possible breast reduction.  Am tired of having to order specialty bras (large enough cup sizes for my small-boned body are not available in retail stores) and (NO DOUBT) many of my chronic back/neck problems have been caused by my body's 'imbalance'.  In recent years I have worked on improving my posture, which has helped, but would love to get rid of what's likely causing the problem. (It would also be nice for the girls to be 'even' again, because after my lumpectomies on one side they certainly are not.) Will know more about whether or not I'll go through with the surgery after my consultation with him on Oct. 4.

Enough playing on the computer; time to get back to a little more cleaning and mucking before it's time to head to the gym.

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