Friday, September 30, 2016

Finished up with OT yesterday, though of course I will continue on my own until I see the surgeon in a couple of weeks; he  can decide if I need any additional sessions.  The various grip/pinch/movement tests confirmed what we both knew, that I've made progress.  While that hand is still not as strong or mobile as the other, it's always nice to see the numbers rise!

Aja brought Tyga over last night (he was so excited to be here he was practically doing back flips) and we watched This Is Us together.  (I'd already watched the episode, but from now on I'll wait to view it until she can watch it with me.)  She's got a brutal work schedule this weekend, and I'm tired just thinking about it.

Aja did go through my bag of flip flops and found a couple of pairs that she liked.  I'm still bummed that I can no longer wear them, but my feet have finally had enough.  The only time they don't hurt is when I am wearing my shoes with the custom orthotics.

I was about 10 minutes late turning on the 10:00 news last night.  Just as I tuned in there was a "breaking news" blurb - about a fatal shooting at "my" gas station, the QT at 43rd and Union Hills!

I was up past 11 last night reading, and still woke up before 5 this morning.  So I should be able to swing by the estate sale June's family is having this morning (just in case there is something in her quilt stash that I "need") before heading to the gym by 11.

Until then I've been puttering around the house, doing this and that.  I also called the bank and cleared up a charge on one of my statements.  Miriam noted that "it's weird" that I was charged an interest fee when I always pay in full and on time - plus this month there were no charges on that card. (I rarely use that one, and was going to cancel it because I thought maybe <sigh> there was now a fee for not using it, which she assured me is not the case.)  I always check my statements, but I'm guessing a lot of folks don't, which may be what the bank is counting on?

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