Monday, September 19, 2016

We figured out how Tyga was getting out - through a gap between the back and front yards via a cement block with holes to let the irrigation water through.  When Pokey was small enough to fit (a LONG time ago) I had driven metal stakes to block those exits.  But after years of irrigation one of the blocks (naturally the one hidden by a now over-hanging bush) had "lost" its stakes, and I just had to re-hammer them in.  In theory I drove them in firmly enough so that they will last for a while.

It was a good session at OT with Leonie, and I've graduated to sets of 20 reps instead of 10 for my exercises.  Progress!

After I got home I called Computer Mike, who has recovered from his heart surgery and will be here tomorrow to hook up my printer.  Having been without one since February (!) I am reasonably excited about the prospect of having one again.

Next I touched base with Bill, who is going to do some work ( new counter top and sink fixtures) in the kids' bathroom.  We've scheduled to start that project on Monday, October 3.

Aja just picked up Tyga, and I heard how Alex missed 2 (!) of his flights yesterday.  Surprised <g> that he forgot to mention that to me when he texted me.... NOT!

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