Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I ended up taking Aja to the doctor after I got home from the gym, so I wasn't at the house when Mike came to hook up the printer (luckily Tom was.) Mike got the printer is working fine now (though of course it needs ink.) He seemed to think that there was some sort of communication error where the computer was looking for a different printer (and he's deleted all previous printers which should eliminate that issue.)  Hopefully once I buy ink the printer will behave for me.  

Mike also deleted a zillion temporary files (apparently that has never been done since I got the computer, a LONG time ago) which should make things run better.  Since that's a good thing to do, why do they hide the temporary files?  And then keep them permanently?

Aja is currently sleeping on the couch here after we dropped off her Rx at Walgreens.  She has a bladder infection and UTI - and possibly kidney stones.  No wonder she feels like crap!  I just called and her Rx is ready to be picked up - but I don't know her address, and without that confirmation they won't allow me to pick up the meds.  Sigh.... I'm thinking I'll let her sleep for a while since she's been up since 2:00 because of  the serious abdominal pain.

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