Thursday, September 22, 2016

For dinner last night I suggested we give Pappadeaux's another try after someone mentioned it at quilting yesterday, and it was as noisy as we remembered - and pricier. (And what restaurant doesn't include a salad with the meal?) But my dinner was delicious, and I'll get to enjoy the leftovers today.

We hadn't been home more than a minute or two when UPS rang the bell (at 8:30 pm) to deliver Alex's new phone.  I knew we'd have to sign for it, so I'm glad we didn't miss him; that would have meant I'd have had to make a special trip to the post office to pick it up.   Now we'll just have to figure out where Alex is  going to be next (they'll be leaving current hotel this weekend) so I can pop it into the mail for him.

The sad saga of the printer, ongoing since February, continues. Last night I was 'letting' Tom install the new ink cartridge for me, and it turns out that (after shelling out $30 for it yesterday) it's not the right one.  That's because when I looked in the printer manual underneath to see what number cartridge I needed (which BTW had that information very well hidden) it turned out to be the manual for a previous printer. To say that I am unhappy is putting it mildly.  Pissed off big time is more like it, and prone to mumbling things like 'conspiracy' under my breath.

Then this morning at 5:30 the DVUSD Sub System called (again) despite the fact that I decided last year (after a number of unpleasant experiences) that I was done subbing and so did NOT go over this year to sign up and get a new ID.  

Today, after OT, I plan to get the emissions tested on my car so I can mail in the registration.  I'm expecting my car to pass easily, and would appreciate it if there's not a long wait in line - but after looking back at the previous paragraphs I'm hoping it's not going to be a another aggravation.  If so, I'll just need to keep repeating my mantra: First World problem, First World problem, First World problem, ohmmmmmmm.

And then just now, when I went to the computer to add pix to liven up this post, there is some sort of Security Alert that wants me to load something about remote access. Since I'm not sure exactly what it is (okay, I have no clue) even after "viewing" the options, I have declined to load it. Which then does not allow me to do anything else. Even rebooting the computer still leaves that box up. So I until it is a decent hour and I can give Computer Mike a call, I'm without a computer.

Have I whined lately about how much I hate computers?!?!?!

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